Emily Brand

Contact: emily@emilybrandart.co.uk


‘I work primarily in oil and acrylic paints and have always loved the way you can use the paint to create various effects.  From using paint opaquely to transparent layering, allowing the colours below to shine through.  Although over the years I have changed subject matter (from traditional landscapes  and nature to abstract pieces and most recently some portraits of lost and loved performers), I have always maintained an interest in the use of colour and light and find it amazing how one person can view a colour so differently from another, and the fact that we have limited colour vision – what are we missing? 

In my works I manipulate colour for this reason, exaggerating it and altering what I see.  Part of what I love about painting and altering colour is the ease at which an image can be transformed from one moment to the next, how a change in colour or light can give a completely different feel to the end piece. 

I generally begin my work by photographing something that has caught my eye and will then explore manipulating the colours, either digitally or through sketches.  This image becomes the basis for my painting.  I also print limited edition copies of each of my completed works as I strongly feel that art should be accessible to all.  These are available as digital prints in A3 mounts for £15 each or larger giclee prints – cost dependent on size.  All prints are signed and numbered. 

Recently I have also begun to manipulate the colours digitally after I’ve completed a painting to allow further exploration of colour and its impact.’  


Emily Brand, Kelsey Park, 2020, Acrylic on acylic paper, 56 x 42cm (unframed), £125
Emily Brand, BPP Homestead, 2020, acrylic on acrylic paper, 56 x 42cm(unframed), £125
SOLD Emily Brand, Gardner’s cottage, 2020, acrylic on acrylic paper, 42 x 56cm (unframed), £125

As well as originals,Emily produces limited edition prints of all her work. All prints are signed and numbered. They are available as a mounted A3 digital print (size includes the mount) for £15 or she can order larger Giclee prints, cost depends on the size. A Giclee print, mounted in a 40 x 50cm mount is around £25. Please contact the artist if you want any prints of these works or any on her website.

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